Welcome to Wexford Science Cafe

Founded in February 2015, the Wexford Science Cafe used to meet in The Sky and the Ground, South Main Street, Wexford, the third Tuesday of every month at 8pm Since the pandemic we have been meeting on-line and shifting to earlier [7pm] in the evening. As soon as possible we will return to in-person meetings, probably with a video option and likely in the Wexford Town Library, Mallin St, Wexford, Y35 AY20

We have a covered many different topics from many fields: Stephen J Goulds spandrels; Galena; Thomas Kuhns paradigms; Organic soil microbiome; Composting toilets; Water quality; Bacteria in food prep; Urination once again; Toxicity from botox to beer; Air-quality and asthma; Gravity waves; Fasting and health; Neuroscience of torture; Greenland ice melt; Cider making; Zombies; Wolbachia and tropical diseases; Radon; Diabetes & Alzheimers; Marketing generic meds; Oroville dam crisis; March for Science; Mediterranean geophysics; Allometry; Sleep; Science book-swap; Erwin Schrodinger; Pheromones; Back-garden astronomy; dialects of English; Eponyms in Science;Sign-languages; Vax antiVax.

Anyone with the least interest in science is welcome: rock up on the night and get on our mailing list

The December meeting of Wexford Science Cafe will be a discussion of science-related books; December 2021 Book List, We will meet online on Tuesday, 14th December, from 7pm; Anyone attending is welcome to propose a book for discussion, but please send a note in advance to; wexfordsciencecafe@gmail.com

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